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Learn about the requirements of joining, and what separates Agent First Alliance members.
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Becoming a Member

Why Join our group?

Agent First Alliance was formed by a group of professional agents looking to gain markets and strengthen relationships with their carriers. The old days of an agency getting by with four companies is gone. When a new client walks through the door, regardless of their line of work, you need the markets to write that risk. Combining resources allows members to work with larger carriers that would not normally work with a smaller agent.

What are the requirements?

We are looking for agents that are professional, have strong company relations and interested in growing with us.

What separates Agent First Alliance from the others?

Agent First Alliance is comprised of hardworking, business professionals that work as a team to achieve success for all members. Becoming a member of Agent First Alliance will allow you to gain markets, increase your profit sharing and strengthen company relations.

Are you currently a Captive Agent thinking about becoming an Independent Agent?

Maybe you are trying to determine if the grass is really greener; higher commissions, bonuses, freedom and the ability to service clients is superior to that of a captive insurance agent. We can help coach you through the transition and be there for you every step of the way!

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